• UoA to lose £2.7 million in funding

    Aberdeen has been announced as one of four universities in Scotland to receive cuts in funding as part of a settlement reached by the Scottish government to reduce education spending. Our University’s funding will be cut by £2. 7 million, while Edinburgh University, Dundee University and Robert Gordon University face cuts of £6

  • Amber Light Project

    Law students shine a light on the confusion over our relationship with sexual violence

  • Spotlight on the digital revolution

    Is print becoming an outmoded and outdated relic of the media’s past?

  • The RAG Fashion Show

    On the 17th of February, some of the best eye candy from various societies and sports clubs across the university assembled to strut their stuff on the runway in the name of charity.

  • #FreeKesha or Trial by Media?

    There have been various responses to the current controversy surrounding pop artist Kesha Sebert’s legal proceedings against former collaborator Dr Luke (real name Lukasz Gottwald). While the intricacies of the case are too complex or unclear to be thoroughly explored here, it’s worth examining the impact they’re having on the industry. We can also identify potentially worrying tendencies in some areas of the media, as well as in some prevailing public attitudes

  • RGU win boat race after closest finish in history

    Robert Gordon University won the 21st edition of the Aberdeen Asset Management Boat Race in nail-biting fashion on Saturday 12th, as they beat the University of Aberdeen by the smallest margin of boat race history in a fitting culmination to one of the most highly anticipated events of the sporting calendar in the Granite City.


Editorial 9: End of an Era

We are assembled here today to share our grief over the passing of a beloved friend. Print media. Baby boy Gutenberg came in to this world in 1440, weighing in at a healthy ton or two

Life and Style

The Evolution of Food

Amanda Connelly discusses how our relationship with food has changed in recent years in response to a plethora of different reasons, including: changing gender roles, dietary requirements, increasing international interactions, government guidelines and body consciousness.


The Brit Awards 2016

It feels a bit pointless to complain about The Brits. The average pop consumer probably found plenty to like in this year’s ceremony. There was Drake’s surprise appearance

Gaming & Tech

The Ethics of Emulation

A few days before the publication of this article, Heavy Rain will finally be released for the PlayStation 4. Less up-to-date readers may remember hearing about this game years ago and wonder what took it so long to come out. Perhaps surprisingly to those readers, it did come out a few years ago – in fact, slightly over six


Nature versus nurture: what fuels sporting success?

The ‘nature versus nurture’ debate is an important one in sporting circles. After all, some people can spend so much of their time training just to be a little bit better, while others just rock up to races with a massive hangover, and can still rely on their innate abilities to pull off a perfect performance.

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